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Objectives and Purpose

  The objectives and purpose of the Writtier Gem and Mineral Society is to disseminate knowledge of mineralogy and the earth sciences and to encourage study in these subjects, through means of:

1. The presentation of public exhibitions, lectures, slide programs.
2. Field trips for exploration, study and collection of specimens.
3. The preparation, publication and distribution of articles and studies pertaining to mineralogy and the earth, sciences.
4. The promotion of scientific research in these fields.
5. The encouragement of interest among young people and the fostering of classes in mineralogy and lapidary arts.
6. And all other means which are appropriate to the accomplishment of the primary objectives set forth.

  Whittier Gem & Mineral Society is a member of the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies (CFMS),and the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS).

Regular Monthly Meetings

  Our club meets at 7:00 p.m. on:
4th Thursday - Jan. thru June, Sep. & Oct.
3rd Thursday Nov. & Dec.
no meetings in July & Aug.

  Meeting location -- Whittier Senior Center 13225 Walnut Street (map below)

Anual Dues (Jan. thru Dec.):
Family - $25.00 --- Single Member - $15.00 --- Junior $5.00
1-time initiation fee - $5.00

  Membership is open to all who have interest in lapidary, jewelry making, rockhounding, and all other areas having to do with rocks and gems.

Membership Application Form

Rockgabbers Dates for 2017:
April 1
May 6
June 3
September 2
October 7
November 4
December 2

Club Activities Include:

Presentation of earth science programs.

Field Trips - Monthly geological or rockhounding trips to various locations.

Rockgabbers - A special interest group that gets together monthly to teach each other jewelry/lapidary skills.

Newsletter - The Rockhounder is the newsletter of The Wittier Gem & Mineral Society published monthly except during the summer months.

Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show - Annual event displaying the rewards of our hobby.

Vistors always welcome to our MEETINGS -- come by and join us. TEST

Bulletin Board

Rockgrabbers February 4, 2017

Rockgabbers will be on Saturday Feb 4th at 1:00pm, at the home of Tony and Sandie.

The project for February is called the Valentine's Day Necklace.
The necklace shown has 21 bead assemblies, which I thought was too many and would make the necklace rather heavy.
The one that I made had 9 bead assemblies which I thought made a well proportioned necklace.
The materials needed for my design are shown below.
To make more bead assemblies adjust the quantaties appropriately.
A necklace chain Fairly small links works best as long as the links are large enough for a head pin to pass through the links.

9 8mm beads (Central color)
9 6mm beads (Top color)
9 6mm beads (Bottom color)
18 head pins

The project takes about an hour to complete.
I used crystal beads because I think they sparkle more than plastic,
but plastic beads are muck lighter. Your choice.
As usual the Rockgabbers will conclude with a pot luck dinner.

Tony and Sandie

Valentine's Day Necklace

whitter map
whitter map

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